Davenport & Rohrabaugh, Inc.

February is Dental Health Month and provides an excellent opportunity to further educate people on the importance of creating and keeping good dental habits. For the past 30 years, Dr. Davenport has taken the opportunity to provide Lakeview School students (K-8) with free dental screenings. Dr. Rohrabaugh also provides dental screenings to other area schools such as Badger and Mathews. The screening helps to further emphasize good habits already established at home. Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime and this is a wonderful opportunity to teach the students how to take proper care of their teeth.

The screening is not meant to take the place of a thorough dental exam where equipment such as x-rays and intra oral cameras can detect much more than the human eye. However, during the screening we are able to check each student for deep or major decay, abcesses, fractured (broken) teeth, signs of gum problems, malocclusion (over or under bite), and oral hygiene. Parents are notified if any of these conditions exist and if their child should need a follow up exam by a dentist.

Drs. Davenport and Rohrabaugh are proud that they can continue to have the opportunity to provide students with these screenings and to help educate our community on the importance of dental health.

Dr. Rohrabaugh visits badger Elementary

Kolton looks on as
Dr. Rohrabaugh discusses dental hygiene.
Allyson has a dental check done.